January - February 2024


Where and what type of institution should I do my business banking with?

A good fit with your financial institution can make a big difference for your firm.  There are several options to consider.

Business bank accounts, borrowing solutions and digital services are common to most financial institutions, meaning one choice is as good as the next. Here are seven other ‘principles’ businesses to consider when choosing a financial institution.


Access to Experts

What good is a banking expert if you can’t find them? Or if they respond too slowly? Look for a financial institution with local business experts you can access easier, and decision-making that matches your speed of business. When opportunity (or calamity) knocks, your rep is close by with personal service and personalized solutions.


Some financial institutions try to replace personal service with technology. Both are important. Instead, look for financial institutions that uses technology to make personal service more convenient. A partner that helps you find and use the right financing and banking tools for your business.

Musical Chairs

A financial institution that keeps their staff longer means you don’t have to keep re-explaining how your business works and the numbers behind your dream. 

Red Tape

Trends and formulas are used to calculate business potential and assess risks. But a formula is only one measure of potential. Your character is just as important; your business plan and track record are important. Find a financial institution that doesn’t replace good thinking with ratios. And if the first answer is “no”, find someone who’ll help you figure out how to get to “yes”. 


Some financial institutions are more local, and more community focused, than others. Having a financial institution that’s more attuned to local market conditions may allow for better understanding.

Ownership and Profit Sharing

Larger financial institutions are owned by shareholders. Credit Unions are financial cooperatives which means customers are member-owners and may receive a share in the profits. This is a key difference between credit unions and banks and important to consider when looking for a banking partner. 

Trust your intuition 

Every business goes through cycles. What gets a business through the natural ups and downs is the trust you build with your financial institution and the relationship you have with your financial coach. It’s business banking between partners. Does the financial institution feel like a good fit for your business and its needs? Having a good relationship with your financial institution can make running your business a lot easier, so it’s worth finding the one that connects with you and your business.

With the current economic climate including the positive, negative and its uncertainty, banking and all of your professional services need to align to assist you to achieve your objectives.  Do your homework and find your allies that will be with you through the good times and the bad.


January – February 2024
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Libro Credit Union.


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