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The Impact of GVCA’s Leaders in Construction (LinC) Group

In the evolving world of construction, the foundation for success is not only built on concrete and steel but also on the relationships and connections we make along the way. The Leaders in Construction (LinC) is playing a pivotal role in nurturing these connections and helping young professionals navigate the complexities of the construction industry. In an interview with Matt Jamieson, the chair of the LinC committee, we gained insights into the impact of LinC on young professionals and the industry at large.

Matt speaks about the lasting impact that LinC has had on both himself and countless other young professionals. “There have been a number of people who have built long-lasting professional relationships that all started through LinC social events,” he says. Matt has experienced tangible benefits, having connected with two customers through LinC events who he still collaborates with today. The power of LinC lies in its ability to not only kickstart professional relationships but also to sustain them, ultimately contributing to career growth and success.

The construction industry faces unique challenges, especially in a world increasingly dominated by online interactions. Matt acknowledges this shift and highlights the vital role LinC plays in bridging the gap. “With an increasingly large portion of all industries, including construction, trending towards more online activity, the opportunities to make in-person connections on the job are becoming few and far between. Long gone are the days of going to a customers office to pick up drawings and have a coffee. I think the LinC group helps to fill this role nicely.” Matt notes. LinC offers a platform for young and ambitious professionals to come together, share insights, and collectively push the industry forward. In an era of virtual meetings and remote work, LinC facilitates real-world connections that prove indispensable.

For young professionals aspiring to excel in the construction industry, Matt offers valuable advice. “Don’t shy away from a new challenge or opportunity,” he says. He emphasizes that taking risks, even when they seem outside your comfort zone, can lead to tremendous growth. Matt also stresses the importance of seeking help and advice when needed. In the construction industry, as in life, collaboration and learning from others are key to success. “A rising tide raises all boats” he adds, emphasizing the value of collective progress.

When asked about the benefits of being a part of the LinC committee, Matt’s response echoes the importance of connection and opportunity. “To take on new opportunities and challenges, you have to find them first. One of the best ways to do this is to talk with your peers and others in the industry” he notes. LinC serves as a conduit for discovering these opportunities by providing a space where professionals can engage, share knowledge, and uncover new possibilities.

In closing, Matt shares a compelling message for the next generation of construction professionals. He emphasizes the importance of fostering connections and camaraderie in an industry that’s increasingly reliant on technology. “Over the years, one of the main concerns older people in the industry have told me about is the declining cohesion and team work in the industry. I think a big cause of this is of this is the dwindling number of human interactions required to complete a project.  Technology has made many of our jobs so much easier and efficient, but it has come at the cost of making new connections. Young professionals now do not have the opportunity to just chat about their weekend with the tradesperson beside them before a site meeting, because the meeting is online,” Matt explains. LinC, as a vibrant and welcoming community, offers a solution to this challenge. “I am a firm believer that if you have made a connection with someone, whether it be over golf or a drink, you are far more likely to see them as working toward the same goal as you,” he concludes.

In the dynamic world of construction, LinC serves as a beacon of connection and collaboration, making the way for the next generation of leaders in the industry. Through mentorship, networking, and shared experiences, LinC not only nurtures careers but also ensures that the construction industry continues to thrive, innovate, and build a brighter future.

On October 1st, 2023, the LinC committee is organizing its next networking event. Join us for a 0.25k fun for cancer. Sponsorship and registration are open. Mark your calendar and be a part of this meaningful event. Visit for more information.

If you are looking to get involved with the LinC committee or if you think it would be good fit for someone in your company, please reach out to Matt Jamieson of Jeff MacIntyre.


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