November - December 2024

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The existing Georgina Civic Centre building was built in 1958 and was used as a monastery and chapel. In 1973, the Town acquired the building, and it was re-purposed as a municipal administration facility. The building is approximately 50,000 sq. ft. over 3 split levels and will also includes a basement level. The structure is generally comprised of concrete block walls, steel and reinforced concrete framed roofs supported on concrete beams and columns. Several additions, alterations and improvements have been made to the building over the years.

CBRE Limited has been retained as the Designated Project Manager to lead the implementation of the new Replacement Civic Centre Project. The CBRE Project Management scope covers the management and delivery of the required design services, the new building construction, furniture advisory as well as business transition and the move.

The Town of Georgina Replacement Civic Centre (GRCC) will be a 4,100 m2 / 44,250ft2 (approximately), municipal administration building that will replace the adjacent residential monastery structure that has housed the municipal administration office functions for over forty years.

The replacement Civic Centre will be an inclusive, fully accessible building that will provide a healthy and safe environment to all who enter its doors. It is anticipated to have a staff capacity of approximately 125 with 22 shareable office spaces and up to 10 smaller collaboration/meeting rooms. With the Town’s Flex Work Arrangements Policy, this new Civic Centre can be expected to meet the Town’s needs well into the future.


What’s New

Corporation of the Town of Georgina (Owner) is seeking Prequalification Submissions from qualified General Contractors, (Proponent), to pre-qualify and be eligible for the tendering for the construction of the replacement Georgina Civic Centre (GCC) building, demolition of the existing Civic Centre building as well as site work and landscaping, (work) and as described under the Project Details section of the RFPQ document.

Table 2: Project Schedule*


Milestone Dates 

GC Short List Released 2024-01-18

Building Permit 2024-01-31

GC RFT Issued End of January, 2024

GC RFT Closed Mid-March, 2024

GC Awarded Mid-April, 2024

Breaking Ground Early May, 2024




Western University – University Drive New Residence Construction Management Services

This project is an opportunity to support the University’s strategic vision and enrichment of the student experience. Western is planning to construct a new residence building to address the growing undergraduate student population. The project site of the proposed University Drive New Residence

The result of the work to date is a proposed building that is 8 storeys, plus a basement, with an overall area of 304,400 S.F. The new first-year student residence will feature a large dining facility, main lobby, meeting rooms, administrative spaces, fitness facility, multi-purpose room, music rooms, study rooms and lounges for students on every floor. There is a total of 260 suites, and 774 beds planned for the new residence, in a mix of room styles, that amount to 148,400 SF. Additional exterior siteworks are also expected, and may include hard/soft landscaping, parking lot & road re-development, waste bins, and outdoor lighting. A geothermal system is envisioned for this development to support the building’s heating and cooling load.


Project Schedule

The role of the CM is expected to commence immediately and deliver the project as soon as possible. Western is looking to welcome new students for the 2025 academic year.


Scope of Services

The purpose of the RFP is to select a Construction Manager to assist the consultant and Western University in delivering the University Drive New Residence.

The initial work of the Construction Manager will be to assist the project team in selecting the approach to design and construction that best meets the needs of Western University, before proceeding with design development.

The Construction Manager will be responsible for prequalifying subcontractors and subtrades, in addition to tendering of construction packages. Final decision on subcontractor selection rests with Western University.

Questions Acceptance Deadline: October 26, 2023 at 4:00 PM EST

Closing Date: October 31, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST


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