January - February 2024

GVCA DEPARTMENT - Crystal Ball Report


581 to 595 Langs Drive

One of the oldest affordable housing properties in Waterloo region will be rebuilt from the ground up starting this spring now that Cambridge city council has granted final approval to official plan and zoning bylaw amendments for 581 to 595 Langs Dr.

The new housing project, seven storeys of mixed housing units with a youth community centre on the ground floor, will replace 38 units with 136 apartments of various sizes at an estimated 2021 cost of $46 million.

Another one third of the units will be low end of the market rent and the final one third of the units will be below average market rent.

The proposed multi-storey development will provide unit types that range from one to five bedrooms “to offer a diverse range of housing choices to future residents.”

The project will include a large outdoor amenity space behind the building that will feature a playground area, coloured asphalt play areas, a gazebo-like structure, as well as barbecue pits and picnic benches for larger gatherings with additional landscaping around the site.

Indoor amenity areas are also proposed including a multi-purpose room, meeting room and community gathering space.

It will include 135 parking spaces and three drop-off spaces within a surface parking lot. Of those, 96 spaces are allocated to residential units at a calculated rate of 0.70 spaces per unit.

A total of 34 spaces are provided as visitor parking spaces and are calculated at a rate of 0.25 spaces per unit in accordance with the city’s zoning bylaw.

Five additional parking spaces will be dedicated to the Youth Community Centre and six will be barrier-free parking spaces for the entire site.

The site will also provide for a total of 60 bicycle parking spaces, where 48 will be located within the building and 12 will be outside.

Demolition of the existing, 52-year-old townhomes is expected to begin in spring 2023 with the new units ready for occupancy around December 2025.



Conestoga College ATS – Animal Care

Pre-qualification for GC Services for Conestoga College ATS – Animal Care Closes Decem 20th 2023

Tender in 2024 for Trade Services.

Doon Valley Drive, Kitchener, Ontario. The building is currently occupied by the College and used as a training center for robotics and electrical programs. The project will provide spaces for the College’s new Animal Care training programs and administration offices.

The building was constructed in 1984, with an addition to the north in 1997 and another addition to the south in 2003. The building structure is steel and load-bearing concrete block.

The project area is approximately 3865 square meters. The total building area is approximately 5800 square meters.

The program of the new spaces includes classrooms, laboratories, offices, meeting rooms, student meeting areas, x-ray treatment rooms, animal grooming areas, kennels, and service spaces.

Areas of the building will be occupied during construction. Secure access to occupied areas of the building will need to be maintained throughout the project. Mechanical systems and building services for these areas must remain operational. The project will be carried out in two major phases. Off-hours work, when required in occupied areas of the building, is limited to 10:00PM – 6:00AM. Equipment and furniture will be removed by the College.

Demolition work includes removal of sections of the roof, doors, windows, and curtainwall. Interior demolition includes removal of load-bearing and non-bearing concrete block walls, a steel mezzanine structure, interior doors, millwork, finishes and flooring including ceramic tile, and plumbing. There will be trenches needed in the slab for new services. Abatement of hazardous materials will be included in the demolition scope.

Construction work includes the addition of a new vestibule, replacement of windows and curtainwall, reconstruction of the roof, and addition of skylights. Interior construction includes replacement of sections of concrete block walls, new metal stud/gypsum board partitions, interior doors, millwork, wall, floor and ceiling finishes. The walls of the X-ray area will require radiation protection. Some ceilings and fixtures will need to be removed and reinstalled.

Landscape work includes concrete paths, planting, and fencing for a new dog run area. Existing trees to be protected. There will also be interior potted trees.

Structural Scope

Removal of various existing loadbearing & non-loadbearing concrete block walls through areas of the building to be renovated to accommodate new room layouts. Erection/installation of new steel beams, columns, and reinforced concrete footings to support loadbearing elements and/or areas where block is not fully removed to the underside of the roof decking. Removal of portions of existing slab/foundations required in areas where new footings are required.

Installation of new skylight openings within new atrium space between existing roof joists. Steel beams and columns supporting wall removals around atrium to be installed with moment connections. Erection of steel framing will involve working around existing conditions/constraints and may require engineered splice connections to be completed on site to accommodate material access to various areas of the building.

Erection of new steel framed access platform above roof level to support large mechanical unit.

Steel frame to be supported on new and existing structure below and fastened down through the roof framing.

New steel framing between existing open web steel joists to support proposed mechanical rooftop units and new duct openings. Reinforcement of existing open web steel joists and/or installation of new steel beams to support new rooftop mechanical units and/or associated snow shadows from units. New infill framing including steel roof decking where existing skylights and/or roof top units are being removed. Removal and reinstatement of existing slab on grade to accommodate trenching of new belows lab services.

Potential reinforcement of existing roof framing to support new areas of roof-mounted solar panels.


Electrical Scope

Complete removal of existing electrical systems within renovation areas of the building. New fitup of newly made space consisting of all new electrical devices, LED lighting, fire alarm devices, new structured data cabling and IT room, new power systems with mechanical systems connections. New receptacles and power system connections through-out. Power to owner supplied equipment such as; X-Ray, Animal Dryers, Washer & Dryer, Lab Equipment, Vending Machines, etc. Power connections to new furniture systems. New LED lighting complete with modern low voltage lighting controls (0-10V dimming capabilities) for energy efficiency. New emergency lighting and exit sign lighting will throughout. New security, access control and CCTV (Camera) devices throughout with integration to head end systems. New public address system. New AV system for teaching spaces with display boards. The building shall remain operational during the renovation phase. Existing life-safety generator and normal service

transformer to remain and to be reused. New electrical distribution panel board throughout renovated space with new power wiring to existing infrastructure. The electrical contractor shall work closely with the College to maintain life-safety systems through fire watches, temporary installations, or other methods during work.


Mechanical Scope

Substantial removal of mechanical HVAC and plumbing equipment and services within the renovated portion of the building. The building shall remain operational during the renovation phase. Work affecting the existing building must be scheduled and completed outside of regular working hours.


Connecting to existing below-grade sanitary and storm mains.

Connecting to existing gas piping on roof.

Connecting to existing domestic water main in building.

Connecting to existing fire protection main in building.

Provision of new boiler plant including two 500 MBH condensing boilers, multiple circulation pumps, and peripheral hydronic system components to serve remaining portions of existing hydronic systems in areas not part of renovation, and also serving new reheat coils in the renovated portion.

Consolidation of branch heating mains will require temporary shutdown and draining of existing system. Complete system refill required to meet chemistry requirements of college.

Substantial coordination required with the college to facilitate required shutdowns.

Provision of new heating/cooling plant including two 20 ton air-water heat pumps, one 10-ton water-water heat pump, multiple circulation pumps, buffer tanks, and peripheral hydronic system components to serve new 4-pipe fan coil system.

Provision of fancoils with single heating/cooling coils and each with 6-way changeover control valves.

Provision of 4-pipe hydronics system to serve fan coils.

Provision of water treatment plant to provide RO water to new and existing humidifiers.

Provision of water softening plant for domestic water system.

Provision of new domestic water heating plant including one 20-ton air-water heat pump, storage tank, and peripheral hydronic system components.

Provision of one custom air handling unit consisting of 100% outdoor air dual-core energy recovery with dx cooling and modulating refrigerant gas reheat, adiabatic humidifier, variable speed fans.

Provision of four semi-custom dedicated outdoor air supply (DOAS) air handlers complete with energy recovery, variable heat pump heating/cooling, gas backup heat, variable speed fans.

Provision of VAV on the DOAS systems.

Provision of one electric humidifier with in-duct dispersion wand.

Provision of one laboratory exhaust fan, high velocity discharge, constant flow serving one fumehood.

Provision of one rooftop air handling units with variable heat pump heating/cooling, variable speed fans.

Provision of ductwork, diffusers, silencers, and peripheral air system components.

Provision of miscellaneous hvac systems including mechanical room ventilation, Split DX AC units for IT room.

Provision of new BAS system and DDC controls for all new systems.

Provision of new sprinkler system in renovated areas including engineered design by sprinkler contractor. Relocation of fire hose cabinets including rework of existing piping.

Provision of new plumbing fixtures in renovated area and connecting to existing services in ceiling and below slab.

Complete new system commissioning, testing and balancing, controls installation, and coordination with fire alarm contractor for integrated life-safety system testing.


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