September - October 2024



Assuming leadership in a construction association is much like embarking on a complex construction project: it requires meticulous planning, effective leadership, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges. Over the course of a year, at the helm of such an organization, the GVCA found us navigating a landscape rich with opportunities and obstacles, shaping the future of the industry, and fostering a sense of unity among its diverse stakeholders.

The initial task involved setting a strategic course for the association. This began with a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the construction industry – identifying trends, issues, and emerging technologies. Collaborating closely with the association’s board and members, a clear vision and actionable goals was established, aimed at advancing the industry’s interests, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainable practices.

Effective communication has been the cornerstone of this journey. Engaging with members, government agencies, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders was crucial to advocating for the industry’s needs and aspirations. Regular meetings, attending industry conferences, and seminars provided platforms for knowledge exchange, networking, and the exploration of opportunities for collaboration. Transparent and open dialogue not only bolstered the association’s reputation but also inspired confidence among members, ensuring a united front to address industry challenges.

In a dynamic industry like construction, regulatory landscapes are ever evolving. Navigating the labyrinth of policies, regulations, and compliance standards is a paramount responsibility. Collaborating with policymakers to influence regulations in favor of the industry’s growth and sustainability are key objectives. Advocacy efforts, backed by sound data and research drive evidence-based policy recommendations, promoting a constructive relationship between industry and governmental bodies.

One of the cornerstones of effective leadership in a construction association is championing innovation. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, embracing innovations like Building Information Modeling (BIM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and sustainable construction practices are essential. Organizing innovation exposure and workshops has fostered a culture of continuous learning and exploration, positioning the association and its members at the forefront of industry evolution.

Collaboration with educational institutions such as Conestoga College has been integral to preparing the next generation of construction and advanced manufacturing professionals. Initiatives such as scholarships, Jill of All Trades, internships, and mentorship programs bridge the gap between academia and industry.  This is nurturing a skilled workforce equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Fostering partnerships with universities, technical schools, and vocational training centres contributes to the industry’s growth but also demonstrate the association’s commitment to building a strong foundation for its future.

Crisis management is an inevitable aspect of any leadership role, and a year at the helm of a construction association has presented its share of unforeseen challenges. Global events, economic shifts, or public health crises continue to disrupt operations and require swift, strategic decision-making. Implementing a robust crisis response plan, prioritizing the well-being of members, and ensuring the industry’s resilience is paramount, demonstrating the association’s ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity.

A year in leadership of a the GVCA has been a multifaceted and transformative journey. It demanded a holistic approach to leadership, encompassing strategic planning, effective communication, advocacy, innovation, education, and crisis management.

What I learned and appreciate the most is the scope and scale of the industry and how much of our community is influenced by the work of our members. Housing, talent, legislation, innovation, diversity, and sustainability will continue to be the team’s focus. Navigation of the uncertainty in the economy will continue to be the first thing we think of when we huddle on how we can help our members and the industry at large succeed.  There is no question that this future will ride out anything that gets thrown its way.  It is resilient, flexible, and adaptable.  If it wasn’t, everything we see when we look around wouldn’t exist.


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